Tips - Server Troubleshooting

Finding & Diagnosing

If your server appears down. It could be one of several problems. The first place to check would be your debug log. If you don’t know how to use debug there’s a quick guide here.
If you were broadcasting live at the time, it will be helpful to note down any error messages your broadcasting software provides.


  1. Server Status

    Most common errors are resolved by refreshing your SHOUTcast server. To do this, go to Wavepanel, hover over your server, and select Server Control. Turn off Server Status and Server Monitoring, Kick the source, and Reload the config. Turn your Server Status and Server Monitoring back on.

    If you’re using Cloud DJ and you have it connected whilst refreshing your server then please turn it off first.

  2. SHOUTcast DNAS Server Area

    Navigate to your SHOUTcast DNAS server area by clicking SHOUTcast in Wavepanel, select your Stream URL server that you want to fix, and click Server Login. Enter your server login details, these are –

    • Username: admin
    • Password: Can be found in Configure Mountpoint in the ‘Admin Password’ field, if empty use the ‘Admin Password’ in Edit Server Config

    In this area reload Stream Configuration(s) and Reserved List(s), and clear Resource Cache(s). Turn your server back off and on for your actions to take effect.

  3. Update Server Details

    In your Wavepanel, hover over SHOUTcast and select your server. Go into and modify the following areas (simply change a field and then change it back) –

    • Server Config
    • Mountpoint Config

    Turn the server on and off in Server Control for changes to take effect.


Once at this stage test your server, see if it connects and broadcasts your tracks. If you’re still having issues revisit the stages in a different order to refresh your server, also check your debug log to see if the same error is thrown. If the problem persists then please contact the Wavestreaming Support team via the Support Assistant.