Tips - Music, Licensing, And Royalties

Music Licensing & Royalties

Wavestreaming does not provide any form of music licensing or coverage for royalties.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the legalities of your stream/radio station, you should contact a qualified solicitor/lawyer or the relevant licensing authority in your area. The following links are provided just as a guide, we do not accept any responsibility for the misuse or misguidance of this information.

Here are helpful links to music licensing bodies

United States of America: BMI Licensing, Ascap Licensing and Sound Exchange

3rd Party ‘Umbrella’ Licenses for Web Broadcasting: Loud City Licence

United Kingdom: PPL Licensing and PRS Licensing

Germany: Gema Licensing and GVL Licensing

France: Sacem Licensing

Netherlands: Bumastemra Licensing

Australia: PPCA