Tips - Cancelling your services

We hope you enjoy using our services and are here to help if you need assistance. If you require help getting set up please contact the support team here.

If you wish to remove one or more of your services you must contact a member of the support team. This is in line with our Terms and Conditions of service.
You can peruse these here

We require at least 7 days notice, in writing via the support desk, prior to your next billing date otherwise you may be charged for your next period of service.

To request closure of a service or your account, please click here.

Please include the following information within your request:

  • Account Email Address
  • Service you wish to remove
  • Service Start Date

We require the above information to prevent fraudulent requests. Failure to provide the above could result in a delay in processing your request of removal.

If you also pay via PayPal, please read our guide regarding Subscription payments. It is very important that you terminate your subscription to any services you wish to remove after receiving a confirmation email from us.

If you have any feedback from using our services we would also love to hear it. We periodically review feedback to help us improve the level of service we provide to our customers.