Apps & Extras - Completing your iOS App

There’s just a few more things you need to do before we can start building your app.
If you don’t have any services with us yet, check your email and complete registration, then log in to our online tool ‘Wavepanel’. If you are already a Wavestreaming customer just log in to your Wavepanel account.

Click here to open Wavepanel.

  1. Where can I find my App in Wavepanel?

    Once you have logged in to Wavepanel, roll over the ‘Players’ tab at the top. Next choose ‘Apps’ at the bottom of the drop down list.
    All the App’s related to your account will be displayed. Choose the App you would like to submit for development and click ‘View or Manage’.

  2. App Editor (Review Station Settings)

    The ‘App Editor’ will load where you can check the status of your App and make certain changes.

    • Look & Feel
      On this page you can tweak your Radio Player’s main color scheme, Background image and Play button.*

    • Station Settings
      On this screen you can amend the server settings, and website URL.*

    *These settings can be amended and resubmitted to us for review at no extra charge when your App is live in the App Store.

  3. App Editor (iOS App Store Details)

    Application Settings

    On this page you can supply the information that will be listed in the iOS App Store. This is what your listeners will be reading before downloading your App, so make sure  you entice them with a punchy to-the-point description.

    • App Name
      This should be filled in already, this is your last chance to change it (remember, no more than 12 characters).
    • Copyright
      Enter the copyright information (Usually ‘© Radio Station’ or ‘© Station Owner’).
    • Primary Category
      Which App Store category should your radio station be listed (‘Music’ is probably the best to choose).
    • Secondary Category
      Most people choose ‘Entertainment’.
    • Description 
      We want your App to be accepted by the Apple review team! We recommend you type something here that makes your radio station sound appealing to App Store browsers. (We review all Apps before sending to Apple. If we feel your description is lacking content we may reject your submission).
    • Keywords
      Add some key words to help App Store users find your app. The more you use, the better! (Just keep them relevant to your App).
    • Support Email
      Supply an email address that can be shown on your App Store listing.
    • Support URL
      Add a link to your support or contact web pages (if applicable).
    • Marketing URL
      Add a link to your website home page
    • Privacy URL
      Add a link to your privacy policy page (if applicable)
    • Developer Program Details

      We require this information for App submission only. We recommend you change your password before providing it on this page. Once your app has been approved you can revert it back to your usual password.

    • iOS 7 Developer

    • Next you can change the Icon image if you wish.
    • When you are happy with your Application Settings, click ‘Save’.

    PLEASE NOTE: Any details or images submitted from this page cannot be changed once your App is available in the App Store. Any requests to do so will be charged a standard administration fee unless the issue affects App functionality.

  4. Development

    When you have made all changes to your App and wish to send it to us for review, click ‘Submit my App to the Store‘, Then confirm by clicking the blue button on the next page.

  5. Whats next?

    Your Application will be reviewed by Wavestreaming at the earliest opportunity. If it passes verification your App will be built and submitted to Apple on your own developer account for further review. This process is external and can take anywhere up to 14 days (We ask that you be patient with this process). We will notify you via email when your App is live in the store and provide links so you can share it with your listeners.Once your App is live, it is recommended that you change your Apple Developer password for security purposes.

    If there is an issue, your App will be rejected and you will receive an email explaining why. In this instance you should revisit the above pages and check your uploads/details before resubmitting to us.

    As your App will be submitted to your own developer account, you will be able to log in to the Apple developer portal to see details statistics, restrict access to your app in different markets and also charge a download fee for your App.