Apps & Extras - Stream Logger

What is Stream Logger?

Records your station’s audio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Ideal to log your stream for music licensing purposes or uploading shows for reuse.

How Does it Work?

Connect your station and Stream Logger will record the audio in 1 hour chunks. Access recorded audio in your “Log File Access” by timezone, date, and hour logged.

Note: Streams are retained for 60 days.

Accepted Stream URLs

Stream Logger is compatible with the following broadcasting platforms:

  • SHOUTcast v1: http://[IP/Domain]:80, e.g.
  • SHOUTcast v2: http://[IP/Domain]:[Port]/listen, e.g.
  • Icecast v2: http://[IP/Domain]:8000/[Mount Point], e.g.
  •[Station ID]/listen, e.g.

Both MP3 and AAC formats are accepted.

Logging Your Stream

In your “Stream Logger” area, manage a logger.

Enter your Stream Name and Stream URL, then save.

To start logging your stream click Activate.

Stream Logger

Logging will continue until disabled – Stop recording your stream by clicking Disable.

Accessing Logged Files

Select a timezone you want to view your stream in, choose the date recorded, and then the hour logged.

Play your recorded stream in the browser or download it for licensing purposes or uploading shows for reuse.

Logged Streams

Multiple Stream Loggers

You can have multiple Stream Loggers under one account running simultaneously for either one or several different streams.

Multiple Stream Loggers purchase options:

If you are ordering more than 5 streams then please contact support for a competitive quote.

Stream Logger Cancellation

If your Stream Logger service is cancelled or you fail to keep up with payments then your stored log data will be permanently erased after your next billing date.

We recommended you download your stream’s logs before they are erased.