Apps & Extras - Submitting your Android App to the Play Store

Here is a step by step guide to submitting your app to the Google Play Store.

You will receive a ZIP file bundle containing your Screenshots, Icon and App APK files via email.

If you have not already set an account up, you will need to enrol in the developer programme. You can do that here:

Getting Started

Log into the Google Play Developer Console:

Click Add New Application on the upper right side of the page.

Select your country from the list and add your App Name.

Click Prepare store Listing

Product Details

A new page will load where you can enter specifics about your App. All this information will be displayed on your Google Play App page.

  • Enter your Short description – This will be shown in search results
  • Enter the Full Description – This will be displayed on the actual App listing. Ensure you describe your App fully as it will be indexed and used for Google Play Store searches.

Graphic Assets

In this section you ONLY need to upload assets on the Phone tab, Icon and Feature Graphic.

  • Included in the Zip bundle you will see 2 or 3 screenshots. These can be uploaded to the first section
  • In the Hi Res Icon section upload the file titled GoogleIcon.png
  • In the Feature Graphic section, upload a feature graphic. A template file (GoogleFeaturedTemplate.png) is included in the Zip bundle which is formatted at the correct size.


    • Set your Application Type to Applications
    • Choose a relevant category for the App such as Entertainment
    • Choose a content rating.

(Note) If your station broadcasts mature content or profanity, please ensure you select the approprate rating level. Your App may be banned from the store if you do not choose the correct rating. This is out of’s control.

Contact Details

Provide an email address and website. These will be displayed on the store listing so do not use a personal email address. If you wish to add a phone number, please enter using the international dialing format.

Privacy Policy

If your website includes a privacy policy page, include the direct link here. If you do not have a privacy policy, or are unsure, check the Not submitting a privacy policy URL box.


Scroll to the top of the page and click Save Draft

The tick next to Store Listing in the sidebar should turn green:

Click on the APK tab and click Upload your first APK to production

Click browse and upload your .APK file included in the Zip bundle. The tick next to APK should then turn green:

Content Rating

In the sidebar click the Content Rating tab. On the new page click the Continue button.

Enter your email address, this is used for Google to contact you if they have any concerns over the content questionnaire.

Scroll down and choose the category of your App. As it is streaming radio, you should select Entertainment. This will expand the questionnaire.

You will now be asked a series of questions relating to the content of your App. This relates to the content broadcast on your station, and any artwork used on either your website link, or the actual App background/icon.

The Miscelaneous questions at the bottom in most cases can be answered no.

Answer each section honestly and click Save. Next click Calculate Rating.

This will show the ratings for all countries worldwide. Scroll to the bottom and click Apply Rating.

Pricing and Distribution

In the sidebar click Pricing & Distribution

If you want to provide your App as a free download, leave the first option on the page.

Choose which areas of the world you wish to distribute your App. If you wish to make it available everywhere tick SELECT ALL COUNTRIES.

Scroll down the page and choose the No, it has no ads option in the next section. Apps do not include an advertising platform.



This section is where you agree to Google Play’s terms for this App. By checking the two required (*) fields you agree to follow the consent questionnaire completed previously and you understand that Google may remove your App or ban your account if any terms are breached.

Scroll to the top of the page and click Save Draft. Your App should change to ready to publish. Click Publish App

You will see a message saying that your app has been submitted and your app will be available in a few hours.