Apps & Extras - Twitter App for SHOUTcast

The Twitter App for SHOUTcast (Available to purchase from within Wavepanel) allows you to tweet your currently playing track to your Twitter Timeline.

You can check it out on our Demo stream Epic Radio.


The Twitter add on is supplied per server port. If you have multiple servers linked to your Wavepanel account please ensure you are setting Twitter up on the correct one.
If you choose the incorrect server, you must contact the support desk to request a server transfer.

Your SHOUTcast server must receive and display Metadata from your playout software to display artist-titles for the Twitter App for SHOUTcast to work properly.

The Twitter App for SHOUTcast is only available to Wavestreaming SHOUTcast server clients. Find out more about our servers here.

Ordering Twitter App for SHOUTcast

Log in to Wavepanel and hover over SHOUTcast ➡ *Server* ➡ Twitter.

Confirm you have chosen the correct server by looking at the title and click Install Now

A new tab/page will open to the Wavestreaming Checkout. Check the price and product in the list, enter any promo code if you have one and click Checkout
Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 16.27.04

Ensure you click Already Registered? Click Here to log in on the next page, otherwise your add-on will not link to your server.
You will need to contact support to rectify the problem which will delay your activation.

Log in to the checkout, select payment type and complete. Once you receive your order confirmation, head back to your Wavepanel tab and refresh the page.

Setting up

In Wavepanel click Twitter. This will take you to to authorize the add-on on your account. (If you receive a ‘403 Error’ please open a new browser tab and head over to You will need to log out before continuing)


Log in with your Twitter credentials and click Authorize App


Once authorized you will be redirected to Wavepanel. You can then set up your tweet content and interval.


%t represents the track currently playing on your SHOUTcast server. You can customize your tweet with hashtags and URLs to your station. You can place the %t anywhere in the tweet string.

Remember, tweets are limited to 140 characters. Please allow character space for your track title and artist.


The Tweet Frequency will vary the interval when your tweet is automatically sent. Higher frequencies will post more often, increasing presence in users Twitter feed, great if you are just starting out or want to promote something big.
Be mindful that users may find high frequency tweets a form of spam. We recommend setting the Tweet Frequency to 15-30 minutes.

Click Modify then check your Twitter timeline. Wavepanel should start tweeting your tracks.

Unlinking from your Twitter Account

If you wish to change the Twitter account the add-on uses, click the Remove button at the bottom of the configuration screen. Follow the steps above to set up on your alternate twitter account.

If you have any questions or have difficulties with your Twitter App for SHOUTcast, please contact support.