Changing Your Email address

To change the email address on your account, please log in to your client area and open a support ticket. Please state the following in your ticket: Current account email address New account email address If you have services with … Continue reading

PayPal – About Subscription Payments

If you are paying for our services via PayPal, please be aware all payments are managed by yourself. We have no way of canceling subscriptions or changing subscription amounts for you. At the end of each specified time period (Billing … Continue reading

Cancelling your services

We hope you enjoy using our services and are here to help if you need assistance. If you require help getting set up please contact the support team here. If you wish to remove one or more of your services … Continue reading

Changing Credit Card Details

Log in to to your client area. Hover over your name on the upper right hand side and click Modify Card Details. Enter your new card details and save the changes.