Apps & Extras

Stream Logger

What is Stream Logger? Records your station’s audio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Ideal to log your stream for music licensing purposes or uploading shows for reuse. How Does it Work? Connect your station and Stream … Continue reading

Submitting your Android App to Amazon

Visit the Amazon App Store and log in to your account from the upper right side: Once logged in, click ‘Add a New App’ in the lower right. In the pop-up choose ‘Android’. Complete the New App Submission form … Continue reading

Free Flash Player Troubleshooting

Please note our Free Flash Player is provided ‘As is’ and is unsupported. We have included some common troubleshooting tips below: I have embedded my player on my site but I get an error ‘This Wavestreaming Flash player can only … Continue reading

Twitter App for SHOUTcast

The Twitter App for SHOUTcast (Available to purchase from within Wavepanel) allows you to tweet your currently playing track to your Twitter Timeline. You can check it out on our Demo stream Epic Radio. Prerequisites The Twitter add on is … Continue reading

Completing your iOS App

There’s just a few more things you need to do before we can start building your app. If you don’t have any services with us yet, check your email and complete registration, then log in to our online tool ‘Wavepanel’. … Continue reading

Wavestreaming App Builder: iPhone

This service is not yet available. We will be releasing more information shortly. Visit in your browser to launch our App Builder. To begin, click the home button on the iPhone. App Name & Icon App Name This is … Continue reading

Stream to Android using TuneIn

In this tutorial I will show you how to get your station configured and streaming with TuneIn! Follow the steps below to get up and running. First visit TuneIn and signup for an account. Fill out your station’s details and … Continue reading