Schedule Changes For Daylight Savings

As Cloud DJ is available to clients worldwide, it is not able to ‘shift’ schedules inline with your regional clock change. This also includes any live events that you may have scheduled. This means you will need to push all … Continue reading

Advanced Troubleshooting

Sometimes if you experience server ‘downtime’ the cause is relatively small and easily remedied. The first place to look is your debug log in Wavepanel (SHOUTcast/Cloud DJ > Server Name > Debug). Below is a list of common error codes … Continue reading

Cloud DJ Queueing

Queueing Cloud DJ has the feature to queue multiple tracks which can be modified in any order and removed. It is very easy to create a queue, first of all make sure you have tracks stored to Cloud DJ. To … Continue reading

Editing Your DJ Profile

How To Edit My DJ To change the DJ password or priority please navigate to Cloud DJ > DJ’s. Editing The Settings Click the username of the DJ you wish to edit: DJ Name: This cannot be changed. This value … Continue reading

How to Add Live DJ’s

Adding A DJ You can now add a Multiple DJs to your account, this will allow you to schedule different DJs at different times. For example you could schedule John playing from 12.00 till 14.00 and the Jamie playing from … Continue reading

How To Schedule A Live DJ

This feature allows you to plan your live events for either the default ‘DJ’ account or any of your additional Live DJ’s or Relays. Scheduling Live Events Before proceeding please ensure the ‘Live’ app is enabled. You can do this … Continue reading

About Cloud DJ Apps

What Are Apps? These Apps have been developed to provide great extra functionality to your automated station. They can be activated from Cloud DJ -> *MyCDJ* -> Apps. Live This will activate live broadcasting allowing you to connect broadcasting software … Continue reading

How-to: Broadcast Live

What Is Live On-Demand? The Live app allows you to connect to Cloud DJ and broadcast live on-demand, this means that regular automated shows can be playing and you can interrupt the broadcast with a live-stream without having to disconnect … Continue reading

How-to: Setup Requests

The requests App lets you place a widget on your website so listeners can choose tracks to play. They are limited to choosing one track until it is played. This prevents request spamming. Requests don’t get played automatically, instead the … Continue reading

How-to: Scheduling Calendar

Scheduling allows you to create playlists, and line them up to play on at specific times of day. Perfect for automating prerecorded radio shows. Note: Your Cloud DJ must contain playlists to use the scheduler. For help with Playlists please … Continue reading

How-to: Creating Playlists

You can use playlists on their own or along side the Cloud Dj Scheduler. They allow you to select a group of tags or tracks and arrange them in a play order, just like your home media player. You will … Continue reading

Cloud DJ: Playout Modes

What Are The Different Playout Modes? Play Out Modes are the three different modes we have introduced to help you create a more custom and complete automated radio station. This allows more flexibility with a few simple clicks. In this … Continue reading

How-to: Using Tags

Tags help you organise and categorise your music into groups which you can add to Playlists and Schedules. One example of tag usage is Jingles/StationID’s. If you have a folder of Jingles, you can create a tag for them then … Continue reading

Cloud DJ File Management

Previous issues affecting Browser file management have been resolved. Please try clearing your browser cache and reloading Wavepanel if you are having problems. Cloud DJ allows you to manage your files two different ways. For both methods we recommend your … Continue reading