CloudDJ, SHOUTcast - Advanced Troubleshooting

Sometimes if you experience server ‘downtime’ the cause is relatively small and easily remedied. The first place to look is your debug log in Wavepanel (SHOUTcast/Cloud DJ > Server Name > Debug). Below is a list of common error codes to look out for and the solution. We will be adding more codes in due course.


SHOUTcast Debug

Connection rejected. Bad icy header string [icy-name:]

  • You are attempting to connect but failed to provide a stream name. This is common in Virtual DJ. Fix by entering a Stream Name (Usually your station name) in the ‘Name’ or ‘Station Name’ field in your broadcasting Software.

SHOUTcast 1 source connection denied for user (dj). Bad password.

  • The DJ password in your playout software is not correct. Please visit SHOUTcast> Edit Mountpoint config to find your password.
    If you are using Cloud DJ ensure the DJ password in Cloud DJ settings matches your SHOUTcast password then retry.

Error opening port #### because Could not bind to :#### because Address already in use

  • Server monitor may have attempted reconnection too fast. Go to Wavepanel > Server Control then toggle the server ON and OFF quickly. Wait a few seconds and toggle back on. This refreshes the port.

SHOUTcast 1/2 client connection rejected. Stream not available.

  • You do not have a source connected to your server. Check your playout software/ensure Cloud DJ is online.

Directory returned error code: 470 Listeners not allowed until the error is resolved.

  • Your directory hash is invalid. Go to Wavepanel > SHOUTcast > Directories and click ‘Reset Directory Hash’