CloudDJ, Start - Cloud DJ Notice – Discontinuation of service

Wavestreaming launched over 10 years ago, providing leading edge SHOUTcast and Cloud DJ services.

In 2015 we launched our brand new service, the easiest way to start your internet radio station.

As our Cloud DJ servers are coming close to their useable age, we will be planning a phased shutdown of the service over the coming year. You can find out more and discover the benefits of switching to in the video below.

If you wish to discuss your options regarding moving your station to Please contact support via your client area.

Any queries regarding migration to will be handled within 5 days. This is due to the large number of questions received.

Please be aware if you have not taken action by the retirement date listed below and your Cloud DJ is part of a streaming package, it will be removed. Your package will be converted to a SHOUTcast only service.

If your Cloud DJ was purchased separately (Cloud DJ Solo), your service will be cancelled on the retirement date.

Known Cloud DJ Shutdown Schedule

We will be contacting clients via email 60 days before any Cloud DJ servers are retired. These emails will be sent from ‘[email protected]’. We advise to add this email address to your whitelist to ensure you receive these important announcements.
The schedule below will be updated as and when there is further information on each server.

If you are unsure which server your Cloud DJ is hosted on, head to Wavepanel > Cloud DJ > Settings. The server URL shown under ‘Hostname’ in the FTP details section is your Cloud DJ server.

Retired Servers

  • Hoxton – Retired Late November 2017
  • Speed – Retired LateJanuary 2018
  • Wings – Retired Late February 2018
  • Apple – Retired Late March 2018
  • Twister – Retired Late April 2018
  • Dottie – Retired Late July 2018
  • Flip – Retired Early August 2018
  • Tokyo – Retired Late August 2018
  • Harvest – Retired Early September 2018
  • Jigsaw – Retired Late September 2018
  • Sunrise – Retired Early October 2018
  • Pancho – Retired Early October 2018
  • Pleer – Retired Mid October 2018

Upcoming Closures

  • Smoke – Due to retire 6th November 2018

Please note, once a Cloud DJ server has been retired, we are unable to restore any data from that server. Please allow yourself good time to migrate your service.