CloudDJ - How-to: Creating Playlists

You can use playlists on their own or along side the Cloud Dj Scheduler. They allow you to select a group of tags or tracks and arrange them in a play order, just like your home media player.

You will find playlists in Wavepanel.

Go to Cloud DJ > “MyCDJ” > Playlists and click Create New.

Creating Your Playlist

Enter a name for the playlist that is easy to recognise, next click the color field. A color picker will appear, this is what color the playlist will show in the schedule.


With resume turned on, playlists will save their position and resume playing from that position when it is next called by the scheduler.
If you would like your playlist to begin playing from the first track when it starts every time, turn off resume.
Perfect if you have ‘Top of Hour’ jingles on your Scheduled Playlists.

Adding Content

On the right hand side you will see a track list (and tag list if you have created any). To populate your playlist click the name of the track in the list. You can search for tracks by name or artist using the search box.

As your playlist is made you will see the total number of tracks/tags and the total playlist time (excluding tags).

Please note each playlist can hold up to 80 tracks/tags.

If you wish to randomize your playlist you can add tags. Adding a tag will play a random track that is tagged. (E.g. You have 5 tracks tagged as Music. Adding the music tag will play one of these tracks randomly.)


If you have added an incorrect track or tag, clicking ‘remove’ on the playlist will take it out of the list. Also clicking and dragging the playlist entry will allow you to move its position up or down.

When you have finished with your playlist click Save.

If you are using the scheduler, please view our help guide here.