CloudDJ - How To Schedule A Live DJ

This feature allows you to plan your live events for either the default ‘DJ’ account or any of your additional Live DJ’s or Relays.

Scheduling Live Events

Before proceeding please ensure the ‘Live’ app is enabled. You can do this via the Apps tab in Cloud DJ.

Click your Cloud DJ Drop-down menu then go to Live.

Here you will see the setup options for your new live event:

  • One Time/Recurring: One time lets you schedule your DJ for one show only. Recurring lets you choose multiple days to schedule your DJ on a weekly basis, this will carry on for the upcoming weeks until you cancel the event.
  • Start Time: Example “14:30” – This is the time (24 clock) you want the DJ to start the stream. It needs to follow this format HH:MM.
  • Stream Duration: Example “90” – This is the time in minutes that you want the live show to last before your Cloud DJ kicks back in.
  • Stream Type: (“Relay” or “DJ”).
    Relay: Enter another SHOUTcast stream URL here to relay the live broadcast to your station. (You must seek the original stream owner’s permission before relaying a stream)
    DJ: Choose one of your DJ accounts stored in Cloud DJ (Default: ‘dj’).
  • Additional option is ‘Relay’ is selected:

    Relay URL: This is the URL of the stream you want to relay. For example – “”.

    Relay Priority: A greater value entered here will override relay events with a lower value if events conflict. An event with a higher priority will kick and replace your event with a lower priority.

    Next click the Schedule Button. Now your live event is now set up and visible on your Cloud DJ dashboard.