CloudDJ - Cloud DJ: Playout Modes

What Are The Different Playout Modes?

Play Out Modes are the three different modes we have introduced to help you create a more custom and complete automated radio station. This allows more flexibility with a few simple clicks. In this article I will explain and show you how to use these three different modes and utilize them to get the most out of your station. First of all I will show you where to select each mode. You will need to go to your Cloud DJ Drop Down Menu. Next go to Settings, scroll down and click Mode.

Shuffle Mode

Shuffle mode is a great if you want to easily play your songs via Cloud DJ if you don’t have the time to create playlists or a schedule. Simply switch to shuffle mode and click “Start Cloud DJ”. This will then play your files on shuffle without the need to do any work. This will simply play your songs 24 hours a day on loop. A great no hassle feature, favoured by a lot of clients.

Playlist Mode

Playlist mode is a great way to play an organised set of music which will order itself based on your selection. For example think of a new playlist called ‘Pop’, in this, their tags, “Charts Nov” and “Charts Dec-Jan“; this Pop playlist will then play the tracks associated with these tags. You will need to set a playlist as your Default Playlist when in playlist mode. Underneath is a visual example of the Playlist Mode.

Schedule Mode

Schedule Mode is our most asked for feature. We have finally developed a solid, professional scheduling system which will help you set your station to a professionally steady cruise control. It allows you to create playlists and line them up to play on a time based schedule. So you could have a playlist which plays for example between 10.00am and 12.00pm, at which point another playlist kicks in till 4.00pm. Your station will be scheduled just like nationwide FM stations such as Capital and Radio 1!

You may be curious as to what happens when you are in Schedule Mode and there is an empty slot. Basically the Default Playlist will be used, for example as you can see in the example schedule above all of Monday is empty, and it would not make sense to have to manually set an event for each section of the week just to keep your broadcast live 24/7. In this situation you will simply need to go to your Cloud DJ Settings and set one of your playlists as the Default Playlist.

If you do not have a Default Playlist enabled then Cloud DJ will simply continue to play out in shuffle mode until the next event in the schedule is reached. Understanding how these modes work should save you some time when it comes to creating your own schedule.