CloudDJ - Schedule Changes For Daylight Savings

As Cloud DJ is available to clients worldwide, it is not able to ‘shift’ schedules inline with your regional clock change. This also includes any live events that you may have scheduled. This means you will need to push all of your slots forward an hour in order to fit with the new timezone.

If you are unsure on the easiest way the push your schedule forward then please see the helpful guide below:

1. Open your scheduler in Wavepanel

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “SCHEDULE CONTROL”

3. Then you are going to want shift your schedule forward by one hour

The same goes for live events, you will need to remove all existing events and create new ones for an hour ahead. We recommend that you do this prior to clock change date.

Once the clocks have moved back, you can delete the old (current) live events. This will cause minimal disruption to your Live DJ shows.

For help will live events, please click here

Once this is done you should be setup until March 2015.