CloudDJ - Cloud DJ File Management

Previous issues affecting Browser file management have been resolved. Please try clearing your browser cache and reloading Wavepanel if you are having problems.

Cloud DJ allows you to manage your files two different ways. For both methods we recommend your files are encoded in the Optimal format detailed below.

128Kbps Stereo MP3 with a sample rate of 44100Hz (44.1KHz) carrying version 2.4 ID3 tags. Please ensure your filename does NOT contain any special characters (@#$£*), track metadata stored in tags can contain these. This will ensure optimal performance of your Cloud DJ.

In Browser File Management

Using either Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox this is the simplest way to Upload tracks.

  • Visit WavepanelCloud DJMyCDJFiles.
  • Open the folder containing your formatted MP3 files
  • Highlight the files you wish to upload
  • Drag them into the Files page


A progress bar will appear at the bottom of the page. If you wish to cancel any uploads click the View Details button then click Cancel Upload next to the file(s) you wish to cancel.


Browser based uploading will not allow you to upload files over your storage limit. This will prevent service suspension.

Note: If you need to upload files larger than 200MB you will need to use the FTP method below.

You can also delete files from Cloud DJ right in the browser:

  • Tick the checkbox on the left hand side next to the files you wish to remove
  • A red Delete button will appear at the bottom of the page
  • Click Delete and confirm on the pop up dialogue


Files will be deleted instantly and will be unrecoverable. You can see live storage information on the Files page.

If you have files uploaded containing special characters, these may not delete when selected. Please remove these using the FTP method below.

If your Cloud DJ storage does not seem to be updating, Wavepanel may be caching data on your computer. Please go to Cloud DJ Settings and click the blue ‘Sync Files’ button on the right hand side. This will refresh your files list and provide an accurate usage level.

FTP File Management

Once your Cloud DJ has been initiallized, head over to FileZilla and grab yourself some FTP software (it’s free).

Finding Your Details

Log in to Wavepanel. Navigate to Cloud DJMyCDJSettings. Your FTP details are displayed in the Control pane.

Connecting To Cloud DJ

Launch FileZilla and enter your FTP Information to the fields near the top of the window.

  • Host:
  • Username: e7ea471c3da8d7858fc6f94ebd39a41a554ft6
  • Password: Testing123
  • Port: Ignore this field

When you have entered this information click Quick Connect. This will connect to your Cloud DJ Storage Space.

Uploading Your Tracks

We strongly recommend all uploaded files are 128Kbps Stereo MP3 with a sample rate of 44100Hz (44.1KHz) carrying version 2.4 ID3 tags. This will ensure optimal performance of your Cloud DJ.

FileZilla has two folder directories. The left is your computer. The right side is the Cloud DJ Server.
There are two ways of uploading files:

  • Navigate to the audio file location in the left file directory, highlight selection and drag over to the right to upload. (For single files you can just double click them to upload)
  • Find the file on your computer using Finder or My Computer and dragging it over to the file directory on the right of FileZilla

When you can see successful transfers, this means they are on your Cloud DJ. Cloud DJ automatically syncs all file and folder changes. Once you have uploaded all your tracks, just refresh the ‘Files’ page in Cloud DJ to see them all. You can also organise the view by artist. Just click ‘Artist’ at the top of the column.

Removing Files

Note: If you receive a Storage Limit Exceeded email you have 24Hours to login and remove files from your storage area. If you do not remove files and sync within this time period your server will suspend. You must then contact the support desk to un-suspend.

Open FileZilla (or your alternate FTP software) and login using your FTP details (From Wavepanel – see uploading files article)

Navigate to the file/folder on your FTP area you wish to delete, right-click and choose Delete. You will be prompted to confirm (Once files are deleted they are unrecoverable). You can highlight multiple files by Ctrl/cmd + clicking them.

Syncing Your Files

Wavepanel does not detect when files are deleted from the FTP area. You will need to login to Wavepanel and go to your Settings tab.

Click Sync Files. The files you deleted will be removed from Cloud DJ.

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 21.26.34

Note: Failure to sync files will cause operational issues with Cloud DJ which may cause station downtime.