CloudDJ - About Cloud DJ Apps

What Are Apps?

These Apps have been developed to provide great extra functionality to your automated station.

They can be activated from Cloud DJ -> *MyCDJ* -> Apps.

This will activate live broadcasting allowing you to connect broadcasting software directly to Cloud DJ. The main advantage of this is allowing to switch from automated content to live broadcasts seamlessly with no listener drop outs.

Once activated you can find your broadcasting details in Cloud DJ settings and information about setting up live events Here.

This app generates code that you can place on your website so listeners can request tracks from a list. Using the ‘request’ tag you can choose when the requests are played.

Find out more with this Help Guide.

This app works with the live app above and allows you to have multiple DJ’s with different DJ log ins for your station. You can schedule them for set times and prioritize connections so DJ’s can override one another.

You can find out more about setting up DJ’s Here.