Software - Setup With RadioBOSS (Win)

What Is RadioBOSS?

RadioBOSS is a Windows based radio DJ system that allows the manipulation of audio to stream live through a radio hosting server (such as SHOUTcast) or locally like a media player. Features include –

  • Sending metadata (upload using FTP, HTTP request, text or XML file)
  • Schedule audio in playlists with crossfade, automatic volume leveling, time announcements, and block rotations
  • Use widely popular audio formats and Winamp and VST plugins

After you have downloaded and installed RadioBOSS, you are ready to begin.

Setting Up

Once open you will need to input server details to configure your broadcasting system. You will need to navigate to the settings, this can be done in two ways: click on the settings tab then options OR click on the cog image. In the settings pop up window, go to the broadcasting section in the left pane. Fill in these four boxes –

  • Name: The name of your radio station
  • Description: A brief description of what your station will broadcast
  • URL: Website for your station to attract listeners (if applicable)
  • Genre: Genre of music on your station

After these details have been filled in, click on the ‘+‘ symbol next to the encoders box.

Inputting Your Streaming Information

Now we need to setup a new connection to broadcast using our server. It is important that you input your details correctly or else we cannot connect. We need to fill in the following details –

  • Server: Server hostname followed by a colon, port number, comma, and stream id e.g. (,1)
  • Password: Server DJ password

Change the drop-down boxes: Encoder Type: MP3, Bitrate: 128kbps or less (recommended 128kbps, check your SHOUTcast server details for your maximum kbps), Channels: Stereo.

Starting Your Server

Now that you have inputted your server details it is time to test the connection. Click on the ‘world image‘ near the top bar, this attempts to connect. The left-bottom column outputs the status of the connection and additional information that may help when handling errors, or alternatively you can check the broadcasting statistics by clicking on the ‘pie chart image’ near the top bar.

Where Can I Get RadioBOSS?

You can get the latest version here: Official RadioBOSS Website

Contact djsoft for support here: RadioBOSS Support