Software - Setup With Edcast (Win)

What is Edcast Broadcaster?

Edcast Broadcaster (Formerly known as Oddcast)  is an audio encoder that can be used to create Internet streams it can be used to stream to both icecast2 and SHOUTcast servers.

Edcast is a free and open source encoder that is supported on both Windows and Linux platforms. It also will run in conjunction with various media players such as Winamp and foobar2000 as well as a standalone encoder.
Many independent broadcasters (and even commercial ones) use Edcast to create Internet radio stations like the ones found at the Icecast, Loudcaster and ShoutCAST station directories.


Head over to the Edcast google code page here

Once there you will need to click on the “Downloads” link to the top left of the page.
It will take you to this page:


Make sure you download the edcast standalone (alternatively click this direct link here)

Once downloaded you are going to want to install it. Important Please make sure you select Lame MP3 Encoder.

When the installation window continues it will ask you to manually download Lame MP3 encoder.

Click “Yes” and it will open your web browser:

(click Lame 3.99.5)

Once downloaded extract it with Winrar and then copy “lame_enc.dll” into the directory of where Edcast is installed. This is usually “My computer> C> Windows> Program Files> edcast.

Now everything is installed open up Edcast and click “Add Encoder” Enter all of your server details, if you don’t know them they can be found in Wavepanel or in your welcome email. Remember to chose “MP3 Lame” as the encoder type and sever type is SHOUTcast. You will also need to remove everything from the “Mountpoint” field. Your settings should look similar to this.

You can also edit the stream name along with other settings by clicking on the other two tabs to the right in the configuration box.

Once that’s all done click “OK” and go ahead and click connect. You may need to chose your microphone or line input device in the “Live Recording” tab and that’s it you are now broadcasting.