Software - Setup With BUTT Broadcaster (Mac)

What Is Butt?

Butt is a multi-operating system client broadcaster, meaning you can broadcast on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. It only handles input from a computer, so live feeds like talking into a microphone or on a computer’s sound-card – it also supports ShoutCast and IceCast servers. You can download Butt here.


Why Should I Use Butt?

Butt is for users whom want to get up and running quickly, like a startup radio station, wanting to broadcast live without unnecessary complexities. Although Butt does not look visually pleasing, it does make broadcasting very easy with its simple user interface and accessibility because it’s platform neutral. Plus, Butt is free!


How Do I Get Started?

After you have downloaded and installed Butt, it is ready to be connected to your server. It’s a simple process, but this guide will help you along the way.


  1. Adding A Server

    In the Butt window click the “Settings” button to open up the settings window if not already open. Click the “Add” button under the server options and a new window to add a server should appear. Fill in your server details –

    • Name: The name you want to reference to this server, it doesn’t matter what it is as it’s a reference to be used within Butt
    • Address: The name of your server, e.g.
    • Port: Port number, usually consisting of several digits
    • Password: Password to gain access to broadcast on your server

    Once complete click “Add” to add the server.

  2. Adding Station Info

    To draw more listeners you need to provide any additional info to your server, as in what genre of music is playing, a description of what your station provides, etc. To do this click on the “Add” button under the “Stream Info” section in the settings. Once open, add your station’s details and click “Add”.

  3. Connecting

    Once you have your server details and station info correctly added, it’s a good idea to click the “Save Settings” button in the settings section. To start broadcasting to your server, click the play button in the main window. That’s it, you’re now broadcasting!

Additional Info

For more information on how Butt works and the other features it offers, check out Source Forge.