Start - Quick Start Guide: DJs and Live Shows

Adding a DJ

  • Login to Wavepanel, then Cloud DJ, MyCDJ, then DJs
  • Add the DJ’s information

Email address: a confirmation email will be sent to this address, so ensure it is correct
DJ name: this is the username the DJ will use to connect to your stream
DJ Priority: This will give your DJs priority over each other. For example you have two DJs scheduled at the same time, the DJ with the higher priority value will kick the other DJ on connection (eg: 30 will have a higher priority than 10).

What happens next

Your DJ will receive two emails. They must open the DJ REGISTRATION email first. This will allow them to create a account.

Once this has been set up the DJ INVITATION email can be opened. This will add the DJ to your Cloud DJ. Once a DJ has accepted the invitation you will see them in your DJ’s list. You can then schedule this DJ in for shows.

Scheduling Live Events

Before proceeding please ensure the ‘Live’ app is enabled. You can do this via the Apps tab in Cloud DJ.

Click your Cloud DJ Drop-down menu then go to Live.

Here you will see the setup options for your new live event:

One Time/Recurring: One time lets you schedule your DJ for one show only. Recurring lets you choose multiple days to schedule your DJ on a weekly basis, this will carry on for the upcoming weeks until you cancel the event.
Start Time: Example “14:30″ – This is the time (24 clock) you want the DJ to start the stream. It needs to follow this format HH:MM.
Stream Duration: Example “90″ – This is the time in minutes that you want the live show to last before your Cloud DJ kicks back in.
Stream Type: (“Relay” or “DJ”).
DJ: Choose one of your DJ accounts stored in Cloud DJ (Default: ‘dj’).
Relay Priority: A greater value entered here will override relay events with a lower value if events conflict. An event with a higher priority will kick and replace your event with a lower priority.


Clock Changes

As Cloud DJ is available to clients worldwide, it does not take clock changes (Daylight Savings or similar) into consideration. It is not able to ‘shift’ schedules inline with your regional clock change.

When there is a clock change due, please prepare to shift your schedule back or forwards 1 hour otherwise your shows will mis-schedule.