Start - Quick Start Guide: SHOUTcast

This guide uses Winamp, which is a Windows application. For other Operating Systems or broadcasting programs, please see our other guides.

What you will need

You will need to install both of these:

Open Winamp. A SHOUTcast DSP window should open as well. If it doesn’t, go to Options, then click Preferences.

On the left side of the preferences window expand plugins then click DSP/Effects. On the right pane double click Nullsoft Shoutcast Source DSP

This should open a new window.


On this new window:

Choose the Output tab, and then click the Login tab. Here you need to enter your server details (can be found in your welcome email).

  • Host: eg.
  • Port: eg. 1234
  • UserID: SHOUTcast: Leave blank / CLOUD DJ: The default is ‘dj’
  • Password: This is your ‘DJ’ password (Usually ends with _dj)
  • Stream ID: Always default at 1

Click the Directory tab. Here you need to enter your station details here. These details will be
displayed in the SHOUTcast directory.

Click the Encoder tab. Change the Encoder Type to your desired format (usually MP3 or AAC).
In Encoder Settings select your bitrate (Wavestreaming standard packages offer up-to 128Kbps streaming).

Click connect and play some music through Winamp

You should now be playing to your SHOUTcast server. If you log into your Wavepanel and view your SHOUTcast dashboard, you should see that SHOUTcast is active.

Broadcasting Live

If you don’t want to stream music through Winamp and you want to play everything either off your sound card or a microphone, then follow these instructions:

Select the Input tab and select an option under Input Device. This will then broadcast all the sound which transfers through your sound card/microphone.

Important information for Windows Vista/7/8

The way Windows audio layer controls devices has changed in newer versions of Windows. The following steps must be taken to enable soundcard recording in Windows Vista and above.

  • Ensure your Soundcard drivers are installed (This may not work with the default Windows Driver, Consult your PC manufacturers website to obtain the most up to date version)
  • Right-click the volume icon in the taskbar and choose Recording Devices
  • If Stereo Mix is not visible, right click in a blank space and choose Show Disabled & Disconnected Devices


  • Stereo Mix should now show up. Right click it and choose Set as default recording device

Note:Some Laptop soundcards may not support stereo mix in newer versions of windows. In these cases it may be advised to use an external USB soundcard