Apps & Extras - Mobile Apps – Discontinuation of Service

This message is to notify you of the upcoming end of life of the Wavestreaming iOS/Android App products. This will be in 3 months time on 9th July 2018. After this date all apps will be disabled and will stop functioning and any active subscriptions will be cancelled.


We launched these apps in 2012 to great reception. However, since this time both the iOS and Android platforms have changed significantly meaning the code base of the apps is now dated and Apple/Google may stop supporting these in future iOS/Android releases. Although we still support a significant number of radio station apps, we do not have the resource to update these to a more modern code base and it would not be viable for us to do so.

What to do next?

Our main focus is now on the platform, which includes up to date and widely compatible iOS and Android apps and many other great functionality.

Apps are available as an add ons to any subscription (the platform can be used in two ways, either for streaming-only eg. SHOUTcast style but with greatly improved statistics, or alternatively as a complete radio solution including scheduling/automation/players/social integration etc). All of the plans support both modes of operation.

We’d recommend you consider moving your station over to if you want to keep on using the apps, more information is at and we will happily answer any queries you have about on [email protected]

Finally, we would like to thank you for your custom over the past few years.