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What’s ‘Resume’ in my Playlist Editor?

By default playlists will save their position and resume playing where they left off.

If you would like your playlist to begin playing from the first track when it starts, turn off resume.

Perfect if you have ‘Top of Hour’ jingles on your Scheduled Playlists!

How do I start, stop, and check the status of Cloud DJ?

Either via Wavepanel or using our API –


You’ll need your API password, located in Cloud DJ’s settings.

Why can’t I login to FileZilla?

  1. Login to Wavepanel
  2. Navigate to your “Cloud DJ Settings”
  3. Change your “FTP Password” & Save your changes
  4. Login to FileZilla with your new password
  5. If you need any more help with uploading your files, you can check out the full article.

What services work with SHOUTcast and Icecast?

We offer compatibility with SHOUTcast and Icecast servers as follows –

  • Radio Player: SHOUTcast & Icecast
  • Cloud DJ: SHOUTcast

How many DJ slots can I have?

You can have upto five DJ slots. You can request more DJ slots by contacting our Support team.

How do I add a DJ?

To add a DJ to your station, you need to login to your Wavepanel control panel. Hover over Cloud DJ, and select Your Cloud DJ. Scroll Down to DJs. For more help, check out the full Adding Live DJs article.

Why don’t my scheduled playlists start on time?

You need to switch on “Interrupt stream if a playlist is due to start” in your Cloud DJ’s settings, this will remove files from your queue and begin playing your scheduled tracks.

Make sure your playlist don’t overlap with another playlist as this could cause problems.

Why can’t I create new players, tags, or playlists?

Please contact our Support team and they will fix the issue.

Can requested tracks play automatically?

Yes, use the request tag in a playlist so when the playlist hits the request tag a track is pulled from the queued requested tracks.

Why aren’t my files uploading via FTP?

Only directories (folders) and .mp3 files can be uploaded to your FTP area in Cloud DJ.

What is ‘Override Metadata’? I see it when I broadcast live.

This module on the main Cloud DJ dashboard is only visible when a ‘Live broadcast’ is connected.
It is designed for sources that do not send any artist or track information to Cloud DJ (E.g.Talkshows, Live events, audio broadcast from a ‘Line in’ source).
Updating the metadata will send new track and artist information to your SHOUTcast server replacing the last Cloud DJ automated track played.

When the live source either disconnects or broadcasts track information (E.g A mp3 playing via WinAmp), Cloud DJ will replace the override with currently playing metadata.

Is there a file size limit?

If you are uploading in the Browser there is a limit of 200MB per file.

FTP uploading has no limits (except your storage allowance).

File troubles?

Instead of using a period to separate your file’s info use hyphens instead, e.g. “title.title.mp3” to “title-title.mp3”.

My Cloud DJ keeps dropping connection to my third party SHOUTcast server!

This is a problem with the internet connection between our Cloud DJ server and your SHOUTcast server. Restarting your SHOUTcast server may fix the issue. If not, open a support ticket with us and your SHOUTcast provider.

My Schedule is out by an hour?!

Cloud DJ servers run on UTC0 time. If you are now in Summertime you may need to adjust your schedules and live DJ events to reflect the new time in your region.

As we have clients worldwide, we cannot tailor each Cloud DJ to suit each region.

You can shift your schedule in Cloud DJ > Schedule.

What is AutoSync?

We have upgraded Cloud DJ to enable automatic file syncing. Any changes you make in Filezilla will be reflected in Cloud DJ automatically. No more having to click ‘Sync Files’ after you have uploaded or removed tracks. You can also now re-organise tracks into folders in your FTP storage area without having to resync.

What file formats do you support?

Here are our services with the file formats we support –

  • SHOUTcast: .mp3 & .aac+
  • Cloud DJ: .mp3 & .aac+
  • Radio Player: .mp3

Are foreign characters supported?

Yes, like Scandinavian and Arabic characters, we support them all when broadcasting directly to your SHOUTcast server. Cloud DJ does not support multi-byte characters. Make sure to use FileZilla as your choice FTP client when uploading files to Cloud DJ as Wavestreaming does not encourage use of alternates also ensure the characters are encoded in UTF-8.

I am with Comcast and cannot connect to my server!

Comcast residential accounts block certain IP addresses, you must request IP unblocking using the Block Removal Request form

You can find out the IP address of your SHOUTcast or CLOUD DJ server by visiting this link and entering the server URL e.g.

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