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Error: Server is currently up and waiting on a Directory response.

This is related to the migration of the SHOUTcast directory. Please see the link below for more information:

What is the DSP plugin?

The SHOUTCast DSP Plugin is a streaming add-on for Winamp. This plugin allows you to connect and broadcast live to your SHOUTcast server through Winamp. The latest version of the plugin is available from the Winamp Website.

What’s a client broadcaster?

A program that allows transmission to a broadcasting server for listeners to connect. Example client broadcasters you can use –

  1. Winamp
  2. SAM Broadcaster
  3. SAM Cast
  4. Nicecast
  5. Radio BOSS
  6. Virtual DJ
  7. BUTT
  8. Mix Meister

Do you provide music licensing?

Wavestreaming does not provide any form of music licensing or coverage for royalties. Any content you broadcast using our services is entirely your responsibility. We do not monitor stream contents and it is up to you to ensure that if you are streaming any music with a copyright, that you are on the right side of the law within your country. Check out the music royalties article for more information.

Why isn’t my station playing sound?

  1. Visit your Wavepanel Control Panel
  2. Go to “SHOUTcast”, choose the “Directory” option
  3. Click the “reset directory hash”
  4. For more information on this check out the related article.

What file formats do you support?

Here are our services with the file formats we support –

  • SHOUTcast: .mp3 & .aac+
  • Cloud DJ: .mp3 & .aac+
  • Radio Player: .mp3

How do I access my statistics?

  1. Visit the Wavepanel Control Panel.
  2. Hover over the “SHOUTcast Tab”
  3. Select “Your Server” (ie
  4. Scroll down and click on “Statistics”

This area shows all of your SHOUTcast statistics.

Where’s my SHOUTcast info?

You should have received an email with all your details; check your spam folder in case it was sent there. If you didn’t receive it at all go into Wavepanel, click on your email address in the top right, click products, and then click the letter icon next to your SHOUTcast server to send the info to your email address.

What is bandwidth and how does it affect me?

Bandwidth is the amount of data you can send. In the case of broadcasting, listeners connect and use your bandwidth, thus depleting it. The more listeners connected, the faster your bandwidth is used – especially if they’re connected for long periods of time. Bandwidth resets every month.

Are foreign characters supported?

Yes, like Scandinavian and Arabic characters, we support them all when broadcasting directly to your SHOUTcast server. Cloud DJ does not support multi-byte characters. Make sure to use FileZilla as your choice FTP client when uploading files to Cloud DJ as Wavestreaming does not encourage use of alternates also ensure the characters are encoded in UTF-8.

Where can I view the uptime for my server?

Go to your stream URL, e.g., click on “Server Login“, click “Log“, and in the top left you can see your server’s uptime along with a full log of the past 24 hours of what your server has been doing.

I am with Comcast and cannot connect to my server!

Comcast residential accounts block certain IP addresses, you must request IP unblocking using the Block Removal Request form

You can find out the IP address of your SHOUTcast or CLOUD DJ server by visiting this link and entering the server URL e.g.

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My server is private

You may not have set up your directory listing in your control panel. Click here to learn how.