Quick Answers


What services work with SHOUTcast and Icecast?

We offer compatibility with SHOUTcast and Icecast servers as follows –

  • Radio Player: SHOUTcast & Icecast
  • Cloud DJ: SHOUTcast

Why can’t I create new players, tags, or playlists?

Please contact our Support team and they will fix the issue.

Audio is choppy in Firefox and Flash players!

If you are broadcasting using SAM Broadcaster, please ensure your encoder is set to 44100Hz and ‘Allow Scripts in stream’ is deselected.

What file formats do you support?

Here are our services with the file formats we support –

  • SHOUTcast: .mp3 & .aac+
  • Cloud DJ: .mp3 & .aac+
  • Radio Player: .mp3

Are foreign characters supported?

Yes, like Scandinavian and Arabic characters, we support them all when broadcasting directly to your SHOUTcast server. Cloud DJ does not support multi-byte characters. Make sure to use FileZilla as your choice FTP client when uploading files to Cloud DJ as Wavestreaming does not encourage use of alternates also ensure the characters are encoded in UTF-8.