Player - How to setup the Flash player

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The Flash Player

Wavestreaming’s flash player for your SHOUTcast server is a great simple alternative to the advanced player. Embed it onto your website and customise to your taste. We have provided a range of skins to choose from and works with ANY SHOUTcast Server. The player comes with a choice of over twenty themes and plays your stream in a lightweight interface smoothly and with the highest quality your listeners will enjoy a fast listening player on your Website or Facebook!

First of all you will need to login to Wavepanel. From there click on the Players option. You will automatically be on the advanced players section, to the left of this you will see the option Flash. Click on this and click Create New.

Starting Setup

Okay so lets go through the steps of filling out your flash player, these are pretty simple steps but we will cover them just incase. Have a look through and hopefully this will help you get your player set up, below I have some examples and explanations. Yours will look a little different to what you will be typing in as you will have different details to what is shown in the example, but you should follow the same pattern.

Name: For example “Flash Player One” – This will show when you are in your flash players section, this is to simply recognise your player from the rest of your players.

Host: For example “″ – This is your hostname you were given by Wavestreaming or your SHOUTcast provider. This can also be an IP address. Remember do not include “http://”.

Port: For example “1234” – This was also given to you by Wavestreaming or your SHOUTcast host. This will be commonly four numbers in some cases this could be five numbers.

Version: Choose a server type. This will be either SHOUTcast Version One, Version Two, or Icecast Version Two.

Next Step Of The Setup

So the next step is to choose your skin and apply your Facebook Player Options. So just like above, yours will look a little different to what you will be typing in as you will have different details to what is shown in the example, but you should follow the same pattern.

Skin: For example “Aero” – This option allows you to change how your player is viewed. Simply click the skin you want and this will be applied in the preview at the top of the page.

Website: For example “″ – This is the website you want the player to be viewed on. If you leave this blank it can be used on multiple sites, if you fill it out your player will be locked to that specified website.

Start Stream Automatically: This will kickstart your player when your listener loads your page.

Facebook Title: For example “Example FM Now Online!” – This will be the title which show up in the post on Facebook. Make it something people want to click on!

Facebook Description: For example “Playing the 80’s Hits!” – Let the Facebook user know what they are going to be listening to.

Facebook Website URL: For example “”.

Facebook Share Image: This is the image that will be shown before your listeners click to listen live through Facebook. Ideally something familiar, either a station logo or station graphic.

Click create and then your player is ready to be used! Click the “Players” section, go to “Flash”, and you will see your Player available!