Player - How To Setup Your Advanced Player

The Advanced Player

Turbo charge your radio station with viral Facebook distribution, multi-device support, and much more! This new radio player duo is the future of online radio with the highly customisable skins plus a range of professional skins available, multiple customisable features, and colour schemes to click through. You wont be lost for choice with this player suite, but just incase you are getting stuck or dont quite understand how to get you player up and running, we have put together this little article to guide you through the set-up process. So enjoy and we hope this helps you out. So to get started:

You will first need to login to your Wavepanel Account, then go to Players. This will automatically land you on the Advanced Players page. Simply click Create New.

What’s The First Step?

Okay, so moving on to the next step, setting-up your player. There are quite a few options to fill out so in this section we will walk through the first half to the options. So once you are on the “create new player” page, you will be faced with the following options (which are in bold), next to them I have added examples of what yours should look like. It will look a little different to what you will be typing in as you will have different details to what is shown in the example, but you should follow the same pattern –

Name: For example “Player One” – This can be anything you like to recognise the player when choosing or editing it.

Host: For example “” – This is your hostname you were given by Wavestreaming or your SHOUTcast provider. This can also be an IP address. Remember do not include “http://”.

Port: For example “1234” – This was also given to you by Wavestreaming or your SHOUTcast host. This will be commonly four numbers, in some cases this could be five numbers.

Type: Choose a server type. This will be either SHOUTcast Version One, Version Two, or Icecast Version Two.

Stream ID: If you choose SHOUTcast Version 2, then you will need to enter this field. If you are with Wavestreaming, then this will default at one, this is your best option. If this doesn’t work, contact your SHOUTcast host and ask them about your Stream ID.

Theme: Choose a theme. We have many default themes made for you. If you have generated your own theme then this will be in here too.

Theme Options: These options add extra features to your player, see below for the list of options.

Show Image: This will show the album art, the left side of your player.

Show Info: This will show the right hand side where the track title and play/pause button is.

Show Pop Out: This will show an option to have the player pop out in a separate window, for people who want to move away from your website but keep on listening.

Show Volume Slider: This will show a volume slider, this will help listeners adjust the volume on your player.

Start Playing When Page Loads: This will kickstart your player when your listener loads your page.

Finishing Off Your Settings

So we have just a few options left, these options are for visual purposes. The hard bits are done and we can concentrate on finishing your HTML5 Advanced PLayer! So I have set out these options the same as above to help you flick through them. Again, it will look a little different to what you will be typing in as you will have different details to what is shown in the example, but you should follow the same pattern.

Artist Title: For example “My Radio FM” – This will show when the player cannot get your streaming details. So maybe a good idea to get your station name on there.

Track Title: For example “Great Music & Sport 24/7” – A great way to describe your station, add a slogan, or even place your website address.

Default Album Art: I suggest uploading your station logo, create something cool! Remember the dimensions (115px vs 115px) and the size (1MB).

Always Display This Image: Now the art above will show when the player cannot find your album art. If you want your logo there 24/7 then click this box!

Player Website: You can limit your player to only play on your site, but if you are spreading your player around multiple sites then leave this field blank

Click create and then your player is ready to be used! Click the Players section and you will see your Player available!