Player - Using The Advanced Player With Facebook (Timeline)

Facebook & The Advanced Player (Timeline)

So we have guided you through many tutorials with the Advanced Player and there is a lot of features to this fantastic player, one of which we are going to go through in this article. Yes it’s true, we can post our magical advanced player on our Facebook Page! So before we start you will need to create yourself or your radio station a “Facebook Page“, this is different from a “Facebook Profile“. A Profile is for individual users and is created by visiting Facebook and signing up for an account. You’re putting your “Face” on Facebook. It’s your name, picture, video of your children/spouse, etc. A Page is where you can post radio/band information: events, videos, photos, specials, promos, encourage your fans to ‘like’ you, post testimonials, and help spread the word about your musical stories. If you are not sure how to renew your Facebook page to the new Timeline Page, then view the page below –

See the new timeline!

So What’s The First Step?

Okay, the first steps you will need to do is as follows, also make sure you have a player created in your Advanced Player section, let’s start. First of all you will need to go into your Players Area in Wavepanel. Once here you will see some options next to your player, “edit, delete, get code, etc…”. Along with these you will see a Small Facebook Icon. What you need to do is click on that button which will redirect you to the next step. Have a look at the screen shot below

What’s Next?

So you are now on the Facebook Share Page. You will see an option for “Embed on a Facebook Page“. Underneath you will see a screen shot where there is a link. I have tagged with the red marker below, you will need to click this. Follow the steps and install the Wavestreaming Application on to your Facebook Page. Once you have done this, go back to the “Facebook Share page” we were in a minute ago. You will now need to copy (ctrl/cmd + C) the code which I have tagged with the blue marker. Once this has been copied, you are ready for the next step.

The Final Step?

Next you will need to do two things, when these are done your fans will be able to see the top screen shot. So first login to your Facebook and go to the page where the App is installed. Once here click on the app in the top right hand corner under your Cover Photo. Once this has been done you will be faced with a box and a button. Paste the snippet we copied earlier on into the box. Once you have done this click the “Set Player” button. Your Advanced Player is now on Facebook!