SHOUTcast - Login To Your Server Status Area

How Do I Get To My Server Status Area?

Your server status area is actually your DNAS server area, so first of all, what is the DNAS area? Well the SHOUTcast DNAS area is the generic status page that is generated by the Shoutcast server software hosted by Wavestreaming. SHOUTcast control all aspects of this page and there is nothing we can do to change or edit this page in anyway. So, to get to your DNAS area you will need to visit your SHOUTcast Host and Port. Simply click on your browser’s URL bar and type in your host and port in the following format:

When you press enter, this will link you to your DNAS area. Next up you will need to Login to your DNAS Admin Page. Simply click on your stream, then select the Admin Login button (see image below). You will be prompted for a Username and Password. Your Username will always be “admin” and your password will be your Admin Password inside of Wavepanel.