SHOUTcast - My Radio Station Is Broadcasting, But There Is No Sound

Why Cant I Hear Anything?

Okay so there could be a few reasons why you are not listed –

Number one is that you have not filled out your directories option, if this is the case then click here. This is an article on how to setup your directories page.

Number two is that you are receiving an error on your DNAS page (server is currently up and waiting on a directory response. Listeners are not allowed until the directory fully responds). This article will show you how to get rid of these errors and get your station listed successfully.

Check Server Status

First of all let’s make sure the server is switched on by going into WavePanel. Hover over SHOUTcast in the navigation bar and then click on server control. Switch on the Server Status if it’s switched off.

Resetting Directory Hash

Next we will generate a new directory hash so users can find and listen to our broadcast. In WavePanel hover over SHOUTcast and select the Directories option. Click on the option to reset directory hash and then check that the directory hash is working by clicking on check this hash.

Checking DNAS SHOUTcast Broadcast

Now that we’ve reset the directory our server status should have changed and be up and running. Go to SHOUTcast DNAS by either going into WavePanel, clicking on SHOUTcast, and then the stream URL or by typing your server address in the URL bar ( We can now test the broadcast by clicking listen to download the feed and play in a media player.