SHOUTcast - Removing the “Powered By Wavestreaming” title tag

Changes will need to be made in Wavepanel and in your Broadcasting Software. In this guide we are using Nicecast.

Removing the “Powered by Wavestreaming” Tag In Wavepanel

Log in to your Wavepanel account then hover over SHOUTcast → *ServerName* → and click Server Config.

On the new page change the text in the Title Format option keeping “%s” at the beginning.

When you have changed your title click Modify at the bottom of the page.

To save changes to your server, go to Server Control, switch your SHOUTcast server off, Click Reload Config then switch it back on.

Changing The Stream Title in your Broadcasting Software

Go to the ‘Information‘ tab in Nicecast (This will be ‘Directory’ in SHOUTcast DSP for Winamp) and fill in the following fields:

  • Name/Stream Title
  • URL
  • Genre

The Name/Stream Title field will precede the title tag on your stream name, (see both images below).

You can see what your new Stream name looks like on your SHOUTcast DNAS page available at:


If your station has many DJ’s and shows, change your title tag in Wavepanel to your radio station name and allow your DJ’s to change the stream name in their Broadcasting software.

Every time a different DJ connects, your Stream name will change to display the currently playing show but retain your station name. Here’s an example using EPIC Radio:
Jamash at Breakfast - EPIC RADIO
The Sunday Jive with Judith - EPIC RADIO
The Drive Home with John White - EPIC RADIO