SHOUTcast - Setting Up Your Directory Listing

What Is The SHOUTcast Directory?

The SHOUTcast Radio Directory has and is daily increasing on over 50,000 professional, personal, hobbyist, and community online radio stations live from all corners and cultures around the world. SHOUTcast allows maximum personality to shine through with tens of thousands of stations with genres starting from Pop to Alternative, Jazz, Electronica, Bollywood, Latin to Spiritual Healing drawing in a wide Variety of languages including Spanish, French, German, Swahili, and Portuguese. SHOUTcast directory is a great way to start your station off with a fan-base. At Wavestreaming we have built-in features which allow you to connect directly from our control panel with no complications at all, getting your station on the most popular online radio network in the world couldn’t be easier.

This article will be guiding you through setting up your station in the directories and creating your station a slot on the world’s largest online radio community and circuit.


First of all you will need to login to Wavepanel. Go to SHOUTcast -> Server -> Directories

Fill in the form with as much information as you can:
– Station Name, this is what you will be seen as in the directory.
– Station URL, this can be anything you want, but it’s recommend either your station’s direct webpage or your radio station’s Facebook page.
– Station Genre, Select what type of station you have. This will make it easier for listeners to filter search results in the directory.
– Country and Language, Where you are based and what your stations primary language is.
– Description. This is a way to engage potential listeners.
Logo, The logo is not yet used by the SHOUTcast Directory and is for future development. If you choose to upload a logo, ensure it is under 600KB.

Toggle the ‘List on the SHOUTcast Directory’ switch to On then click Modify at the bottom of the page.

To save this to your server you must switch it off and back on in Server Control under SHOUTcast.

Finding Your Station

When your server has turned back on it can take up to 10 minutes to be listed in the directory.

Visit You will see a search box at the top of the page. Type in your station name.

Search results will appear including your station. Click the title to begin streaming in the SHOUTcast web player.