SHOUTcast - SHOUTcast Dashboard

What Is The Dashboard?

The Dashboard is a great way to keep up to date with all the key information you need to run a successful and informed online radio station. From a Listener Map, to your Song History, the dashboard is the Lighthouse of your SHOUTcast Server. In this article I will guide you through the various different tools inside your Dashboard.

Listener Gauge And General Info

The first thing you will see is the listener gauge and your Basic Listener Stats. So, here is what you have to start with –

  • Listener Gauge: A visual representation of how full your server is.
  • Listeners: The amount of listeners tuned into your station. This also shows you how many listener slots your server has.
  • Bitrate: Shows your Bitrate Limit.
  • Peak: The most amount of listeners you have had to your server.
  • Song: Current song playing.

These are pretty self explanatory, also very simple. But these options give you a breif overview on how your station is doing in realtime.

Current Listener Map

The Listener Map is a really clever feature which was requested by many of you radio stations broadcasting out there today. This listener map will show you roughly where Your Listeners are tuning in from as they are plotted on the word map with pins. This is just a more graphical and better looking way to show your listeners tuning in from different Cultures and Countries from around the world. The image below is an example of what your servers listener map could look like once you have built your fan base.

Listener Demographics

Next up are the Listener Demographics. This is simply a great looking Tag Cloud feature which summarises all you listeners by IP and fits them in to country and player tags, the bigger the tag, the most it’s being used. For example, if you have two tags larger than all the others, for instance: “France” and “iTunes”, this means that the majority of listeners are in France and using iTunes. Pretty useful in finding your most frequent audience and helps you to start targeting specific listeners based on Countries and Media Players.

Current Listeners

The Current Listeners is a more advanced overview of the mapped listeners. You can view the following information –

  • Flag: This is simply a flag which represents the country where that listener is tuning in from.
  • IP Address: The IP address of that user, this can help you track certain listeners.
  • Location: This shows the country & City if known.
  • User Agent: for example, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Real Player… simply the source where your station is being heard.
  • Duration:This shows how long your listeners have been tuned in for, this is in real time Hours/Minutes/Seconds.
  • Kick: If someone has been tuned in for 36 hours, make room for someone else, press kick.
  • Ban: Abuse on your stream? Simply click ban, this will ban their IP address from connecting again.

This gives you full information and control over who is listening, how they are listening and where they are listening from. A great addition to the dashboard.

Song History

Next up, Song History (You can specify this in the Server Config). We recommend you put a MAX of 50 songs in here. This makes the experience a lot faster for you. Users feedback shows that 50 songs is enough to keep track of. This is useful to see how often you are playing songs, feedback from users show it stops them from being repetitive. We hope it helps you out.

Here is what you wil see :

  • Song Name: The title of the music track.
  • Date/Time: The exact date and time (D/M/Y:H/M/S) the track was played.