SHOUTcast - How Do My Listeners Tune In?

What Are The Integration Tools?

The Integration Tools are a selection of tools which we’ve created to help you get the most out of your Radio Station. The tools make it quick and easy for you to make your station available to listen to on any website or blog.

There are three core tools to help you distribute your station:

  • Listen Links allow you to directly link listeners to your stations stream.
  • Stream Information makes sharing what’s currently playing on your station, your station’s status, and your track history simple.
  • The Free SHOUTcast Player enables you to embed a player on your website or blog, making your station available to anyone in just a click.

In this article I will explain all the aspects of the integration tools and how to use them. These are great tools which you will appreciate as extras to add to your website and station to start growing an adoring fan base.

First of all, go to your SHOUTcast Drop-down inside of your Wavepanel Account. Go to the bottom of the drop-down and click Integration Tools.


Listen Links

So, first up we have Listen Links. These links are great to put on your website and offer a wide range of players and options for your listeners to use. Remember, your listeners won’t all be using the same PC and software as yourself so giving your fans multiple options is a great way to show you are thinking of them, and they’re incredibly simple to integrate. There are a number of ways to integrate links to your station. Here I’ll explain the two most popular of them.

Direct Link

A direct link appears to users as a plain text link like this:

Listen to this station using iTunes

Clicking the link opens your radio station’s stream in your listeners’ favourite media player.

To get this link simply paste the following line of code (replacing the line in bold with one of the links found in your Wavepanel Integration Links section) onto your website using a HTML editor or, if your website is powered by WordPress, into the HTML view.

<a href="">Listen to this station using iTunes</a>

Use An Image to Hide The Link

You also do this by entering the code below into your word-press HTML field or your website code area. Here’s what it will look like behind an image –

Just copy and paste the following code, replacing the lines in bold with the link to your stream and the location of the image you’d like to use.

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>  

The image below is an example of how your listen links will look.

Listen Links EPIC

All New Stream Information

We have a new version of the now playing information for you to easily engage your listeners with your stations stream information. We have devised a new way of displaying these which is using better web technology and should display these stats faster!

The new scripts allow you to publish more information about  your stream, you are not just limited to three options anymore:-

peak listeners
max listeners
unique listeners
average time
server genre
server url
server title

There is many more options and we recommend checking out the following links for the full set-up guide and lists of all the new features available!

To use any of these features, simply take a look at your Integration Tools area of Wavepanel and paste the codes into your website, and you’ll sharing your station with all of your fans via your website or blog.


Free SHOUTcast Flash Player

Our Free Flash Player has over 20 skins to go through to fit in with your site! Use our simple wizard and play any MP3 SHOUTcast stream using Flash! Embed the HMTL onto your website or WordPress Blog and customise to your taste with the wide selection of skins to go through!
You can get the Free player here.

When you receive the email, click the link and enter your server details on the new page. Choose your skin and generate your code.
Copy the script code and paste it onto your website.

You can see a demo of our Demo station EPIC Radio below!

Now Playing:

Advanced Player

If you want a feature-full HTML5 and facebook compatible player, check out our advanced player below:

Find out more and how to buy the Advanced Player Here. is a popular directory alternative to with over 5 million monthly active users. It is available directly from the website, iOS & Android App and on some Smart TV sets.

Submitting your station couldn’t be simpler. Just visit this page and complete all details: requires you to submit your Stream URL. This is your SHOUTcast server URL found in Wavepanel, but adapted in the format shown below: can take up to 14 days to process your submission.