SHOUTcast - What Is The Debug Log?

If your stream is offline and you have found an error in your debug log, please look at our Advanced Troubleshooting guide for resolutions.

  1. So What’s Debug?

    Debug is essentially a log of the things you do, be it connecting to a client like Winamp, iTunes, SAM broadcaster, or changing play modes from shuffle to a playlist. It outputs a list of activities, date and time stamps them, and then arranges them in order for you to browse through so you know what’s happening.

  2. Why Should I Bother Looking At It?

    It tells you what’s happening, so if you’ve lost connection and SHOUTcast isn’t broadcasting your media, you simply go to debug and check. The error could be something as simple as an incorrect password, if so then debug will let you know.

  3. Is There One Debug?

    No. Here at Wavestreaming we’ve gone the extra mile and added a debug mode to monitor SHOUTcast and Cloud DJ so you can narrow down any issues you may come across. They can be found in Wavepanel in there own sections. There extremely valuable as they both log activities for their areas: SHOUTcast monitors sources connected and media that’s broadcasting; Cloud DJ monitors changes in tracks, DJ changes, schedules, and playlists.

  4. I Don’t Understand The Logs!

    Don’t panic! Once you understand the format it’s easy to read the log. Let’s compartmentalise one typical line, such as making a connection –

    • 2012-06-14 08:42:06: The first section shows the date, so year-month-day; then time, so hour(s)-minute(s)-second(s)
    • I/W/E: I = Information, W = Warning, and E = Error
    • [SRC sid=1]: SRC = Source; then the digits represent the host’s IP =, after that is the Port number = :12345, and then the stream ID = sid=1
    • SHOUTcast 1 source connection starting: This last section shows what’s actually happened, so in this instance SHOUTcast has received a connection

    This is the basic layout of a log message. It may feature additional information such as the current track that’s playing or show warning or errors depending on the type of message.

  5. That’s All Well And Good, But Is It Practical?

    Of course it’s practical. Let’s run through a quick problem showing how debug works. So you’re using a client, let’s say Winamp for this instance, and you keep getting denied access to your server. Winamp isn’t telling you what’s happening, so what do you do? Well, you go to your Wavepanel, hover your cursor over SHOUTcast, and then click “Debug”. Go down to the bottom (new logs are updated from bottom up) and find the latest couple of entries. If the text is highlighted in red then click it to get a more detailed description.

    So it seems the password is incorrect. You need to go to SHOUTcast’s configuration options to check the password or alternatively go to your welcome email to obtain the password (if not changed). This is but one of many informative logs that can help solve problems without having to resort to contact and wait for Wavestreaming’s support staff to assist you.