SHOUTcast - Where Are TTSL Stats?

What Are TTSL Stats?

TTSL is an acronym for “Total Time Spent Listening“, which in the case of SHOUTcast is hours. This is the number of hours that all of your listeners have tuned into your stream for. This is good for providing licensers or station owners with reports on your most popular days in the month or simply just to see your stations growth daily and monthly growth.

How Do I Locate These Stats?

So first of all you will need to go to your Wavepanel Account. Next go to your SHOUTcast drop-down (hover over the SHOUTcast tab), next select your SHOUTcast Server, and go down and click on Statistics. Next you will be faced with the statistics page. Scroll down to the bottom, you will see your TTSL Statistics. In that section you can change the month and year to keep track of your past statistics. Pretty simple really! Hope you enjoy and use these statistics to there full potential.