Apps & Extras - Wavestreaming App Builder: iPhone

This service is not yet available. We will be releasing more information shortly.

Visit in your browser to launch our App Builder.

iOS 7 Start

To begin, click the home button on the iPhone.

  1. App Name & Icon
    • App Name
      This is the name that will appear on the iOS Home Screen and the App Store. We recommend using your station name, but keep it less than 12 characters (otherwise your name will be truncated on the Home Screen). In the screen shot I am using ‘EPIC Radio’. You can see how the App Name will look on the live iPhone demo to the right.
    • App Icon
      Next you will need to Upload Your Icon, this icon will be the image your listeners will tap to open your App. Your Icon MUST be 1024 x 1024 pixels.
      You can use the Icon Template to design your own iOS 7 style icon using Photoshop (Remember to save your icon as a .PNG file)

    iOS 7 Name

  2. Look & Feel

    The theme colors are the overall look of the App.

    • Theme Colors
      You can set the overall App and text colors using these two boxes. Choose the color from the picker or type in the hexcode (e.g. ‘#FFFFFF’ – white)
    • Background
      For this option you can either choose a solid color by using the color picker. Or you can use our Background Template to create your own. (Any uploaded images must be 640x1136px and saved in .PNG format)

    Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 16.11.22

  3. Settings

    For this step you will need to fill in your server information. See the examples below.

    • Stream URL
      ie. – this will either be a hostname (example) or an IP address
    • Port
      ie. 8762 – This is usually a 4 digit number. Check your welcome email, or contact your SHOUTcast Provider.
    • SHOUTcast Version
      ie. SHOUTcast V2 – (with Wavestreaming). If you are not sure what version you are, contact your SHOUTcast Provider.
    • Stream ID
      Only applies to SHOUtcast V2 or IceCast.
      SHOUTcast in most cases will be ‘1’
      IceCast requires your stream name. E.g. EpicStream
    • Website URL
      ie. – Your radio stations website. This will be loaded if a user taps the website button

    iOS 7 Details


  4. Finish & Pay


    Please note: To comply with Apple’s App submission process you will be required to purchase an Apple developer account. This carries an additional charge. You can find out more infomation about it here.

    Once payment has been made you will receive an email containing further instructions to set up your app store listing. Once your app has been submitted via Wavepanel it is subject to internal review and submission to the App Store.
    Apple can take up to 14 days to review and accept Apps. You will receive an email notification from them once your app is available.