Apps & Extras - Submitting your Android App to Amazon

Visit the Amazon App Store and log in to your account from the upper right side:

Once logged in, click ‘Add a New App’ in the lower right. In the pop-up choose ‘Android’.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 14.02.49

Complete the New App Submission form with the required information as pictured.

The App SKU field is used for you to identify your App on the developer account. If you have multiple Apps, you will need to name them two unique values. In our example we are using ‘radio’.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 14.05.03

Click ‘Save

You will then be taken to the App control panel. The first page has been completed already.

Click ‘Availability and Pricing’. Usually the default options will be sufficient. Click ‘Save’ in the lower right.

Click ‘Description’ and complete the Short, long descriptions including feature bullets and keywords. You can use the bullets below:

  • Stream the station live
  • Check our website
  • Contact us

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 14.11.40

Please do not spam your keywords list as this will reduce your app discoverability and could cause your App to be rejected.

Click the orange ‘Save’ button.

Click the Images & Multimedia button. On this page you will need to upload your icons and App screenshots. Your ZIP bundle will include two icons (AmazonSmall & Google512) and 3 screenshots for this purpose.

Click and drag your assets to the relevant sections on the page. Please ignore ‘Amazon Fire TV Screenshots’, and Videos. You can upload your own promotional image if you wish however this is not provided by Wavestreaming.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 14.27.39

Click Save then move on to ‘Content Rating’ at the top.

Please rate your App honestly in this section. If your station contains profanity or crude humour do not state is doesn’t as this WILL cause problems later of which Wavestreaming is not liable for.

In the ‘Additional Information’ section, in most cases you should be able to check ‘No’ for all fields.

Provide a privacy policy URL if applicable.

Click Save.

Click ‘Binary File(s)

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 14.38.51

It is advisable to keep Amazon DRM enabled.

Upload your binary file from the zip you were sent (the .apk file). This can be dragged over to the ‘Upload Binary’ area from your folder.

Once uploaded the Manifest will appear.

Next move down to ‘Device Support’. Ensure you UNCHECKKindle Fire (1st Gen) ‘and ‘Amazon Fire TV’. These devices are not supported.

Leave ‘Language Support’ as ‘English

Ensure you check the ‘Export Compliance’ and ‘Use Amazon Maps Redirection’ options.

Leave ‘Binary Alias’ and ‘Testing instructions’ blank. Click the Orange Save button

Once the next page loads, click ‘Submit App’. This will send your App to Amazon for review. It should typically be available within 72 hours following acceptance to the store.