CloudDJ - How to Add Live DJ’s

Adding A DJ

You can now add a Multiple DJs to your account, this will allow you to schedule different DJs at different times.

For example you could schedule John playing from 12.00 till 14.00 and the Jamie playing from 14.00 – 17.00. This makes managing your stations multiple DJs much easier.

Login to Wavepanel and select Cloud DJ then Dj’s.

How To Add Your DJ

  • Email Address: For example “[email protected]” – This will need to be correct it will send a confirmation to that email address for the DJ to accept.
  • DJ Name: For example “DJ JoshiB” – This is the username that your DJ will connect to your stream with from their broadcast software.
  • DJ Password: – This is the password that your DJ will use to connect in their software.
  • DJ Priority: This will give your DJs priority over each other. For example you have two DJs scheduled at the same time, the DJ with the higher priority value will kick the other DJ on connection.
    Note: Username ‘dj’ has the highest priority value (30).

Next click “Add”. This will send a confirmation to your DJ’s email address.

What happens next…

Your DJ will receive two emails. They must open the DJ REGISTRATION email first. This will allow them to create a account.

Once this has been set up the DJ INVITATION email can be opened. This will add the DJ to your Cloud DJ.

Once a DJ has accepted the invitation you will see them in your DJ’s list. You can then schedule this DJ in for shows. See the other tutorials in this section.