CloudDJ - Cloud DJ Queueing


Cloud DJ has the feature to queue multiple tracks which can be modified in any order and removed. It is very easy to create a queue, first of all make sure you have tracks stored to Cloud DJ. To do this upload files (read Upload Files article) and sync them in the Cloud DJ settings by clicking the Sync Files button.

Searching & Adding Tracks

Now that we have tracks to add to a queue, we can begin creating one. Go to the Cloud DJ dashboard in WavePanel, here you will find a section called Tracks. Files uploaded can be located here, the search bar is useful when wanting to locate a specific artist, song name, or tracks attached to a tag (read Tags article). Simply enter your criterion and the track(s) will be located.

Now that specific tracks have been located they can be added to a queue. Add tracks by clicking on them, this moves your selection to the Queue section.

Removing & Moving Tracks

Removing tracks is easily accomplished by clicking on the Remove text located on the track in the queue.

Tracks can also be moved by picking them up, simply click and hold your selected track and move it either up or down to relocate its order.

If there are no tracks selected for your queue, Cloud DJ will randomly select songs for you.