CloudDJ - How-to: Using Tags

Tags help you organise and categorise your music into groups which you can add to Playlists and Schedules.

One example of tag usage is Jingles/StationID’s. If you have a folder of Jingles, you can create a tag for them then add that to a playlist. This will then play a random Jingle when the tag is called from a playlist.

Creating Tags

In Wavepanel go to Cloud DJ -> *MyCDJ* -> Tags
When the page loads, click Create New.

Give your tag a short, recognisable name and choose a color from the color picker (or type a hex code in directly)
Next click Create.

Adding Tags to Songs

Go to Cloud DJ -> *MyCDJ* -> Files.

On this page you will see your uploaded files (30 per page) and a checkbox to the left hand side. Choose the files you wish to add a tag to then select the relevant tag from the drop down box at the bottom of the page. Next click Apply to selected.

Repeat this step for all your other files if required.

Once you have finished you will see something along the lines of this:

Add Tags to Playlists

Go to Cloud DJ -> *MyCDJ* -> Playlists.
Choose a playlist to edit or create a new one. (see our Playlist guide if you are unsure.)

Click a tag to add it to the playlist queue. You can then drag it up or down to reorder and click to remove it.

When finished click Save.
Your tagged playlist may look something like this:

When The playlist runs and calls a tag, it will play a random track linked to that tag. This adds psuedo-shuffle functionality to Playlists and Scheduling.

Note: Adding a tag to a playlist that has no tracks assigned can cause playback issues or even crashes. Ensure all tags have tracks linked to them from the ‘Files’ page.