CloudDJ - How-to: Scheduling Calendar

Scheduling allows you to create playlists, and line them up to play on at specific times of day.

Perfect for automating prerecorded radio shows.

Note: Your Cloud DJ must contain playlists to use the scheduler. For help with Playlists please click here.

How To Schedule

First you will need to ensure Cloud DJ is in schedule mode.
In Wavepanel go to Cloud DJ -> *MyCDJ* -> Settings
Scroll to the bottom and select Schedule on the play-out modes options then click Modify.
Note: Changing any settings in Cloud DJ will turn it off. Only make changes when you have a low listener count or have it turned off already.

Adding Your Scheduled Events

Go to Cloud DJ -> *MyCDJ* -> Schedule.
You will see an empty calendar. You can schedule events on a weekly basis.

To schedule a playlist just click in an empty space at the time you want the show to start. A popup will appear requesting the start & end times also the playlist you wish to schedule. Make your adjustments and click save.

If you need to edit an entry just click it. The same popup will appear allowing you to change the times and playlist. You can also delete your playlist too.

You can also move playlists around. Click and drag the playlist vertically to shift the time and horizontally to shift the day. Fine tuning finish time is also possible by clicking and dragging the bottom of the colored block up or down to extend/retract the playlist.

Tip: If you do not want to schedule playlists all week you can set a playlist as default. When a scheduled playlist has finished, Cloud DJ will begin to play the default one. You can choose a default playlist in Cloud DJ Settings.

Clock Changes

As Cloud DJ is available to clients worldwide, it does not take clock changes (Such as BST) in to consideration. It is not able to ‘shift’ schedules inline with your regional clock change.

When there is a clock change due, please prepare to shift your schedule back or forwards 1 hour otherwise your shows will miss-schedule.