Software - Setup With Nicecast (Mac)

What Is Nicecast?

Nicecast is the simplest way to broadcast through your Mac using a great looking and easy to navigate user interface. In this article we are going to guide you through setting up your Wavestreaming SHOUTcast server with Rogue Amoeba’s Nicecast. Download Nicecast here.

1. Server Setup

Go to the menu at the top of your desktop and click Window, scroll down the menu and click Show Server. You will then be faced with a screen with some default information filled in. Look to the right of this and you will see Inbuilt Server. If you look directly underneath this you will see a Plus(+) and a Minus(-). Click the plus to add a new server and fill in your details –

  • Host:
  • Port: 1234
  • Password: MyPassword_dj
    (Note: If you are connecting to CloudDJ you must combine the username and password as follows: dj:mypassword_dj. The default username is dj)

2. Stream Information

With SHOUTcast Version 2 you are required to fill in the information tab. There have been instances where the server will not start without this information –

  • Name: Epic Radio
  • URL:
  • Genre: Charts
  • Description This is an example description we play music 24/7

Choosing A Source

The last stage before you start streaming is choosing your connection source. Now your audio source is where Nicecast will take your audio from. For example, you could select an application, like iTunes. Your radio station will then broadcast whatever is playing through iTunes. Alternatively you may want to use more than one application and a microphone so you could select the system audio. This will then broadcast whatever is playing through your Mac Sound-Card. You will need to choose one to be able to broadcast.

Where Can I Get Nicecast?

Get the latest version here.