Start - Quick Start Guide: Integration Tools

This Quick Start guide will help you get your radio station up and running quickly on your site, Facebook, and for maximum exposure.


Listen Links: directly link listeners to your station’s stream.
Stream Information – sharing what’s currently playing on your station, your station’s status, and your track history.
The Free SHOUTcast Player: embed a player on your website or blog. get you station listed in a directory to reach more listeners

Listen Links

  • Go to Wavepanel, then SHOUTcast, then Integration Tools
  • There will be a list of links for various players. The universal link will work in the majority of media players


This is the code that needs to be embedded on the page. You will need to replace the bold text with a link to your radio station.

<a href="">Listen to this station using iTunes</a>

This will look like this to your listeners:

Listen to this station using iTunes

Stream Information

We have a new Now Playing script that you can embed on your site to display all sorts of information about your site. There is full information both in the Easy Set Up Guide or the Full Documentation Guide, but we will show you the basics here as well.

The code can be found in the Now Playing section of the Integration Tools.

Add jQuery to your webpage – this allows the code to work correctly. Copy the code from your now playing area and paste it on your webpage just before the closing body tag like the code below.

<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>

IMPORTANT: Use the code on your now playing area and not the code above!

For more options please refer to Easy Set Up Guide or the Full Documentation Guide.

Free SHOUTcast Flash Player

Our Free Flash Player has over 20 skins to go through to fit in with your site! Use our simple wizard and play any MP3 SHOUTcast stream using Flash.

You can get the Free player here.

Enter your email address. You will receive an email containing a link. You will need to click the link and then enter your server details on the new page. Then you can choose a skin, and generate your code. Your player is then ready to go!



Advanced Player

We also have a feature-laden HTML5 and Facebook compatible player available! For more details and to get the advanced player, see here. is a popular directory alternative to with over 5 million monthly active users. It is available directly from the website, iOS & Android App and on some Smart TV sets.

Submitting your station couldn’t be simpler. Just visit this page and complete all details: requires you to submit your Stream URL. This is your SHOUTcast server URL found in Wavepanel, but adapted in the format shown below: can take up to 14 days to process your submission.