Player - Change Player Logo In Facebook

Change Player Logo In Facebook

If you are reading this article it is assumed that you already have a player running on Facebook. If not then please visit one of these two articles to setup your player: Flash Player Article or Advanced Player Article. Now we’ll move onto updating the player’s tab image in Facebook.

Where To Begin?

On Facebook, go to your page and click the Edit page then Edit info.

Accessing The App

Next click on App in the left column and then find your Wavestreaming app and click Edit settings.


Editing The App

A window pops up, in here you can edit the Tab, Custom Tab Image, and Custom Tab Name. For now we will only edit the tab image, so click change next to Custom Tab Image.

Confirm The Change

A new tab opens with additional options. Click on Change and then Choose File. Select the image you want to use for your player’s tab. That’s it!